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Early Dental Care

A Child's First Dental Visit

Children should first visit the dentist around his/her first birthday or when teeth have erupted. Establishing a trusting relationship with a child helps the child feel comfortable at the dentist.

We are fully aware of the anxiety associated with dentistry, especially for children. That's why we strive every day to alleviate those feelings through empathy, patience and kindness. We allow our patient's parent or guardian to accompany them in the exmaination room so that they feel comfortable. Our goal is to provide outsanding pediatric care in a fun, exciting manner.

Your child's first visit to Little Smiles of Roselle Park will include the following:

  • Discussion about medical health
  • Review of concerns or problems, and child habits (thumb sucking, bottles, etc.)
  • An examination of all teeth and gums
  • An examination of your child's bite or occlusion
  • Digital X-rays will be taken to diagnose any cavities and to view the position of unsurfaced teeth
  • Cleaning and polishing of teeth
  • Fluoride treatment (when needed)
  • Instructions on how to brush and floss
  • Goody bag of fun items to take home